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  • Are estimates free with M2 Design and Build? What can we expect from your estimate?
    Yes. When you get an estimate from M2 Design & Build for your upcoming remodeling project you will have access to Michael, the owner directly. When invited to your home, we will provide our years of knowledge to educate you on the best way to go about your project. We will answer all your questions, discuss ideas, and provide you with an honest, detailed estimate.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes. M2 Design & Build offers several third-party lending options to find the best option for you to move forward with your project.
  • Do we need an architect or an idea of what we are looking for?
    Not every project will require drafters or an engineer. However, for the projects that do, we will provide you with recommended architectural engineers and drafters. As far as an idea, yes it helps, but you are welcome to come to us without any idea or design. When provided with a general idea of where you expect we will then ask some basic questions and provide some new ideas and rough drawings. With these rough sketches and 3d renders, we make it simple to get architectural drafts and begin building!
  • How can I prepare for a kitchen or bathroom remodel? What should we add to a finished basement for best value?
    There are many good ways to prepare for your project. To begin, establish a budget for your project. Write down a wish list along with must haves. Save images of these as we can get a real view of your style. Value adds are something we specialize in. From adding bathrooms, bedrooms, to open floor plans, our goal is to take your vision and create a reality while also giving you a return on your great home!
  • Who would be running my project? ​
    Michael is always hands-on with every project. He will always be the direct point of contact along with a project manager assigned to you. The managers will oversee the day to day to make sure all material is on hand and the project timeline is as planned. Any changes or questions will be discussed with both the project manager and Michael directly.


Serving clients on the Long Island for over 30 years as a family run business, always committed to quality, reliability and stunning design. Together with my team of experts, I’ll carry out any kind of work you need, from large scale renovations to even the smallest of jobs!

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